There are many complex and differentiating opinions and actions that all sorts of very smart and well qualified people will try and propose to “solve” the critical situation in Syria. Ranging from total U.S. invasion to complete departure from any sort of intervention.

Both options seem excessive and both options will undoubtedly cause greater loss of life. unfortunately it almost boils down to which is the lesser of two evils. Do we let a country destroy itself? Or do we as a capable sovereign nation intervene?


This is the same question that the United States has had to face since the advent of World War I. There was that quick invasion of mexico after the Civil War but that was mostly to protect borders and well acquire more territory while we had, arguably, the largest land army in the world at the time, and of course the Spanish-American war.  World War II  forced the United States to step out and stop the genocide of an entire race and there is no persona that can logically argue against the necessity to stop and help preserve life in conflict this destructive.

Since that great war there has been a large number of escalating conflicts that have necessitated the intervention of great military force. Stopping communism was always a common factor yet that notion of starving its own people to keep a few military dictators rich tends to flair out on its own with internal revolutions. The people eventually will have enough suffering that they would rather risk life and limb than continue down that same path.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” -American Declaration of Independence.

As the United States became essentially a world super power with “the”most powerful army in the world a particular role was inherited or bestowed somewhat begrudgingly. These truths are declared as self evident which implies the lack of the necessity to explain their importance and significance. They are already understood and granted by a greater force than any human nation or state can grant. Here then lies the difficult decision and action in this case regarding Syria but one that has really plagued many nations and leaders. The action of “liberating” another country of people is something that really contradicts the real essence of what our constitution and declaration here in the United States was founded on. Looking back through history every state that has”granted” freedom to another people as a form of liberation of oppression has for the most part resulted in highly negative consequences for both the people being liberated and the liberators.

America as a nation or at least as a majority in that date and time when this declaration was done understood and accepted the self evidence and inherited right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. This is one of the greatest things about this country, that its people were able to stand up and  say “no more”. Not every country can say that. The oppression is deafening to that voice of freedom and with prolonged pressure that same voice can become almost non -existent. Freedom requires sacrifice and when the people of a nation are not prepared to sacrifice then there is nothing that will change no matter how much an external power is able to come in and impose “freedom”.

It would seem that really the best solutions would be a total dominance of that country and make everyone American’s and really annex that land. Facilitating certain factions however must stop since we refuse to contribute wholeheartedly we are only exasperating the issue by not fully committing. We want to stay with only one foot through the door and keep the other out in case we need to run out real quick. I know one sure fire way to fail is to not sincerely commit to a cause and if that is the case we might as well step out and save American lives and resources in the process since nothing good will come of that conflict.The most important principle for the United States is to remain the shinning example it has become to the world. Freedom must always prevail with a respect for human dignity and life always alongside it.