I have always wondered how much really every presidential candidate is in agreement with their respective parties outlook and policies?

Running for presidency now a days requires vast amounts of money to be spent on advertising, polls, touring, catering and really anything that goes into moving hundreds of people around the country to follow a particular candidate. Seems like a game for the rich and well connected. Are they supposed to be more qualified due to their credential and global economic exposure and knowledge. The reasoning is that they accumulated their wealth by doing something right so they probably know a thing or two about this country and how to run it. There is some power in the president as the head of the executive branch, but the real power comes in the symbolic this particular office represents. The example that this person must set must be not only for the people but for the whole world.

Does that constant ambition and want of wealth dehumanize a person?  Could they eventually loose touch with the common American ( who ever that prototypical person might be)? When we talk about values and integrity it seems like I would probably find that with people that have the least power, and I am referring to the definition of power that society dictates(money and control).

Could a smart, educated factory worker be given a team of 30 bright individuals, experts in all sorts of fields and be expected to make the correct decision based on honor, humility and self worth? If such a burden were placed on a “normal” individual, would that individual act less on self interests and corporate lobbying. Of course one could argue that some people are poor because f their own actions or upbringing. Some people are able to claw themselves out but other are dragged down constantly by their fears, addictions, ignorance or just blatant disregard of the law.  I would tend to not assign these people to the “normal” group.

I am constantly reminded of St. Tomas Moore’s “Utopia”. That would be one interesting society to visit. Maybe as American we would get bored with the lack of sports like the NFL, NBA or soccer. I continually have issues with a bipartisan governmental policy. Why are politics so binary? It seems to me that what has been happening is the continual questions being asked and the consequential answer of for it or against. Those are the only to options. There is no grey. There must not be any room for grey in politics and law making. Like most Americans then I find myself somewhere more aligned with one but not totally, but having to swing one way because I am definitely not in agreement with more of what the other candidate is representing.  I guess it really boils down to who do I disagree with the most, and choose the person running against them.

At least here in the United States I have no fear that a president with run a military coup and elect himself for life. Eight years of bad leadership is better than 30 I suppose. It seems like this is why Mr. Trump was able to gain so much traction. He came out with what he “actually” believed, which maybe should of scared more people than drawn to him.

I maintain a positive outlook for the future. Hope is undying and the foundation of this great nation. Maybe there is  a master plan and maybe we keep throwing wrenches in that master plan as a human race, but as long as we set the example as a nation and people for the world to follow the future will always be bright.