Why are so man of us caught up on the notion of trying to identify where, when and how everyone came from?

As a society classification of our heritage,race, and nationality always seems to be at the forefront of every discussion. Every group, sect person has to identify them self in some form or fashion.

There are major sociopolitical implications dating back thousands of years, which would of determined anything from status to increased likelihood of death depending on where you were born geographically. Time period rather obviously would of had much to play in this regard as well.

Is there something ingrained in our psyche then that guides a necessity to differentiate ourselves from some people but at the same time also identify with others?

How often do we identify out of self interest or convenience?

There is a great cause of equal pride and suffrage associated with the principle of identity. Be it sexual orientation to religious beliefs and everything in between.

I would venture to say that there are many of us that would not really care what exactly we are labeled as long as there was no real danger or moral implication associated with it.

There will always be a certain dignity involved with being identified correctly. I will not lie and say that sometimes I am more than perturbed when I am called “Mexican”. Not to identify the people of Mexico with some negative connotation, but the real resentment actually lies with the person speaking and most often than not they are insincere and ignorant completely of other cultures and countries.

There I believe in lies the solution. No one can really have all the answers. As long as we accept our ignorance with humility and take no offence at being corrected or really educated then we can always find ways to understand and respect each other identity.