This topic of Global Warming has been put on the back seat now for some time. The current interest  from the media  continues to be the dramatic developments in the presidential race. I for one are more concerned about what the future of the country will bring and hoe we will handle this, not just the theatrical antics of getting elected.  Mr. DiCaprio is correct in asserting that to negate the effects we are having on the earth and to argue against them is going against significant empirical data and evidence.



The recent agreement that was signed in Paris is a wonderful start. It should of come come 30 or maybe 40 years ago. The truth is that our consumption and need for energy is so high that in order to fulfill this demand a series of corporate entities have entrenched themselves in our society and have grow to become the larges companies in the world. They provide the fuel for our lives in all sorts of ways: petrol, natural gas, coal, and more recently solar, with hydro and geothermal making up significantly smaller percentages.


My greatest concern is that the changes that are required to happen in order to slow or maybe even prevent this global catastrophe will come too late. Maybe this generation will not really feel the effects but two or three generations from now, sea levels will have risen forcing mass migrations, agriculturally good farmland will now be underwater and well still be no closer combating Global Warming. The Maldives for example are predicted to be underwater by 2050. Cities like New Orleans and New York must really think long and hard about how to prepare.

This is a natural cycle of the earth and it was bound to happen the same way another ice age is bound to happen, but what we can do is not throw more kindle in the fire and accelerate the process because by doing that we really intrude new variables into the equation and fail to truly comprehend the ramifications of our actions or lack there of.

Our dependence on high pollutant energy sources must be abated. We must as a society accept the facts and unite and demand change. I believe one of the real hindrances is the spoiled lives we live especially here in the United States and developed nations. We like our own cars, houses, boats, jet skies, airplanes etc… You name it we want it. It shows a sign of power, prestige and comfort and who doesn’t want to be comfortable?

I would like to see more of our tax dollars taken from our defense budget to be used in research and development in newer and progressive farming methods alongside better renewable technology. Change must come from society so that means the people that make up our society. We must be the catalysts of change. We must force the big corporations to adhere to our demands since we are the consumers and the ones that make them more and more money. This will mean that resources will be placed in different fields and that the overall job availability might move around a bit to different sectors but employees that are smart innovative will always be needed.

I hope that we can really begin this movement immediately and be the leaders in this revolutionary style of life.