Futility is something that is often associated and defined as utter pointlessness in a pursued endeavor. The last couple of months have been quite tumultuous and its seems now, that as more time passes there is greater disconnect with the leadership and policy making. I believe most of us have very busy lives and have many things going on that occupy our time, money and patience. Managing careers, family and a myriad of other things particular to each and every one of us.

Time is the greatest commodity and luxury that we as carbon based beings can offer and have in this life. What we chose to the with that commodity defines us. There are many of us that make an attempt to stay informed and updated on all sorts of current affairs, but the information out there sometimes seems daunting and the sources questionable at times.

I constantly find myself asking who is looking out for the little man in this big political arena? Do the policy makers truly have the interest of the common man at heart and at principle?

I would venture to say most of these leaders claim they do and campaign that they do, but from all of the information accumulated, it turns to maters of who and how the bill will be paid.

The common and most often understanding specifically related to lobbying since it its seen here that the majority of the policies take form and are pushed to fruition. The big corporations employ many people. They have self interests to continue their growth which will in turn create more jobs and opportunities for the “common” man. This in essence is not inherently wrong since these companies are better suited to really understand what help they need from the government to help spur growth. The real issue here is when is too much concession reached. As a nation we must always strive to protect the rights and interests of the private citizen. The backbone and engine of this country.

Can we as common citizens really say that we feel the government has the best interests at heart? Do we really feel comfortable that our leadership is currently engaged and plugged in to the voice of the constituents that they represent?

It is not only the leaderships fault. We as citizens must unite and form strong opinionated and most importantly informed voices that can change and mold our system. Choose wisely and vote prudently. Question and comment. Silence and conformity is that what allowed every tyrannical group and leader into power. It is not always easy and comfortable, but that is OK. Being uncomfortable is what provokes us to move and adjust until an acceptable place is reached. Like our underwater crustaceans that continually outgrow their shells, we as a society must continually to grow and find new layers of common betterment for our race redefining this spectrum as many times as necessary maintaining relevance and peaceful understanding with the coming ages.