These days it is impressive to witness the many sects that are being represented by our political system. There are hundreds of different charts and graphical methods of classifying belief systems and political ideologies. Here in the United Stated we have a serious fascination with trying to segment and divide ourselves into like minded groups. This seems like quite a monumental task given the fact that we are all unique freethinkers, whether we would like to take advantage of that blessing or not is up to the individual.  It is interesting to think that every race here in this country has had some struggle dating back to the early pilgrims. They struggled to settle here and make this country their own. Followed by the Native American, African Americans, Asians, and the of course the Hispanic and/or Latino.

Every job application I have ever filled out seems like there is some question about being Hispanic and/ Latino either under race or ethnicity. Sometimes they only ask whether some one is or isn’t or Hispanic/Latino. I personally have to categorize myself as this but my true heritage is European, having some French, Spanish and Swiss three generations removed. I always wondered if this played any significant role in me being called back for a job or not, whether the recruiting folk at XYZ company would see my application and say ” I think we don’t have enough Hispanic and/or Latino’s hes got the qualification, lets hire him”. I would hope that at the end of the day people are given jobs due to merits and actual qualification for the job and not just to fulfill some government quota for race diversity.

Getting back to my point. Most Americans are just trying to live their lives in peace and security. They have their jobs, their families, their mortgage, their student loans and their sacred weekends. Many have no understanding of the world around them and the true suffering that occurs everywhere around us. My mother grew up in a small town in Nicaragua during the socialist revolution when the country was tearing itself apart with civil war. People were being captured, tortured, killed just for who they new or what their political views where. I had an uncle Jailed for five years because he disagreed with the people that ended up taking power. Our family eventually had to pay to get him out. Dead bodies on the street, skirmishes at all hours, a total breakdown in society and the economic fabric of the country. So I tell you that when she did make it to this country, humility and appreciation for the lifestyle here are just some of the traits that defined her. This is one of the major things that I believe is lacking. The news outlets try to cover the war torn countries and bring you images of death and destruction but all this seem so far away and detached from our everyday lives. We as American in this great nation live a very privileged life here. Relatively safe for the average law abiding citizen. To me the American Dream is this feeling of safety and comfort. Not the white picket fence or the little house in the burbs. The ability to say and scream at the top of your lungs what you  truly believe and feel and not be punished, sent to jail or killed. I have spoken to countless soldiers that have served and many can relate to these comments. They tell  me “people back home don’t understand how good they have it”. I for one tend to agree with them.

I pray that we as a nation can come together more in appreciation and humility driven by genuine concern for the well being of future generations, and not by our self-interest agendas. It is good that we stand firm as a leader and example, though not perfect at least with hope and determination all obstacles are overcome.