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  • by Ghulam Farooq Mujaddidi
    The Taliban must alter their zero-sum mentality and seriously commit to bringing peace to Afghanistan before it is too late. The post Why Do Taliban Continue to Kill If They Are Serious about Peace? appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by George Ajjan
    Lebanon must end its lockdown or face economic, fiscal, and monetary disasters that pose an even greater threat to the country than COVID-19. The post Lebanon’s Dubious Second Wave and the Need to End Lockdown appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Emilio Iasiello
    Blaming cyber attacks on governments has become routine, but has it resulted in accountability, punishment, or reduction in hostile cyber activities? The post What Has Publicly Blaming Cyber Attacks on Governments Solved? appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Ben Acheson
    The current political crisis in Afghanistan is actually an important step towards a realistic peaceful solution: a political “unsettlement”. The post Afghan Peace is Now About the Art of the Possible, Not the Perfect appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Jeremy R. Hammond
    Inherently overestimated COVID-19 fatality rates have created mass fear and panic, manufacturing consent for extreme and harmful authoritarian policies. The post COVID-19: What You Need to Know about Fatality Rates appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.

Foreign Policy Association

  • by Richard Basas
    There has been some discussion comparing modern times to that of the pre-First World War period. While that era was characterized by the social and economic effects of industrialization with little labour protections and the struggle of people living under colonial rule, the comparisons could likely be made to any era that suffered from conflict. […]
  • by Scott Monje
    President Trump has clearly decided to deflect blame for the disastrous impact of the COVID-19* pandemic in the United States by attacking China and the World Health Organization (WHO). Of the two, the one that is likely to suffer more, with more consequences for the United States and the rest of the world, is WHO. […]
  • by FPA Administrator
    You can find the link to the quiz here. The post Weekly Foreign Affairs Quiz appeared first on Foreign Policy Blogs.
  • by Rachel Avraham
    After the skirmish along the Indian-Chinese border that killed 20 Indian soldiers, many Indian commentators are presently concerned that China is increasingly trying to push New Delhi’s allies away from India and towards them.  For example, the Hindu reported that these commentators described the zero-tariff agreement for 97% of the exports between Bangladesh and China […]
  • by FPA Administrator
    You can find the link to the quiz here. The post Weekly Foreign Affairs Quiz appeared first on Foreign Policy Blogs.

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  • by IIEA
    This briefing outlines the French vision for European sovereignty and examines how the pandemic has prompted further discussion in Europe’s recovery post-COVID-19 on the proposal to transfer competences for health to the EU. Furthermore, it will also illustrate how the Commission’s response during the pandemic has provided a possible framework for further action on health […]
  • by IIEA
    Issue 91 of the Brexit Brief notes the current state of play in the EU-UK negotiations on the future relationship between the EU and the UK The post Brexit Brief 91 appeared first on IIEA.
  • by IIEA
    Gilles Babinet will offer his perspective on the future of innovation in Europe and discuss how to develop a dynamic digital ecosystem. The post WEBINAR: France and the Future of Innovation in Europe appeared first on IIEA.
  • by IIEA
    In this blog, Noel Fahey discusses the opening of Ireland’s EC accession negotiations in 1970, and highlights a number of issues from those early discussions that remain pertinent to this day. The post The Opening of Ireland’s Accession Negotiations: Fifty Years On appeared first on IIEA.
  • by IIEA
    A webinar presentation by Lord Chris Patten, Chancellor of Oxford University and former Governor of Hong Kong. The post WEBINAR: China’s Global Posture and its Evolution appeared first on IIEA.

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  • by The Editors
    Ethics & International Affairs, the journal of the Carnegie Council, seeks a remote volunteer intern for the fall semester. The post EIA Fall 2020 Remote Editorial Internship appeared first on Ethics & International Affairs.
  • by Nikolas Gvosdev
    Andrew Sullivan pulls no punches: It’s time we treated China as the rogue dictatorship it is. When a totalitarian nation is enacting genocide, has a dictator for life, is showing itself to be a health menace to humankind, has crushed an island of democracy it pledged to protect, and is militarily acting out against its […]
  • by Matt McDonald
    In The Morality of Security, Rita Floyd sets out to develop a normative theory of securitization: a “Just Securitization Theory.” The post The Morality of Security: A Theory of Just Securitization appeared first on Ethics & International Affairs.
  • by Tanisha M. Fazal
    As of 2010, aggression became a crime for which individuals can be tried at the International Criminal Court. While this development may appear minor to some, it represents a significant turn both in jus ad bellum and in the ambit of the court. The post Lengthening the Shadow of International Law appeared first on Ethics […]
  • by Byron Williston
    While climate change–induced migration has received extensive analysis from political geographers, security experts, and others, it has been undertheorized by moral and political philosophers. Elaine Kelly’s book goes a long way toward redressing that imbalance of attention. The post Dwelling in the Age of Climate Change: The Ethics of Adaptation appeared first on Ethics & […]

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  • by Global Issues
    DEHRADUN, India, Jul 10 (IPS) – The Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown has intensified most inequities in society- specifically those that affect vulnerable communities, including persons with disabilities, particularly young girls. As an aftermath of recent media attention, many government organizations, nonprofits and philanthropies have come together to ensure girls and women in remote […]
  • by Global Issues
    UNITED NATIONS, Jul 10 (IPS) – The coronavirus lockdown in Kazakhstan, and the resultant limited public oversight and limited publication engagement, has paved the way for the government to introduce amendments to the country's laws around gender that could see the exclusion of the rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) communityRead […]
  • by Global Issues
    KESERWAN, Lebanon, Jul 10 (IPS) – They were promised the world but ended up in a Lebanese household. This is the story of many domestic workers in Lebanon. With a 70-year-old sponsor system still in place, domestic workers are tied to their employers with little or no basic rights. The ‘Kafala' system is the major […]
  • by Global Issues
    PHNOM PENH, Jul 10 (IPS) – Fulfilling women's and girls' rights through promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) is an essential prerequisite for reaching national development goals as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).Read the full story, “World Population Day 2020 – 'The Time is Now to Accelerate the Promise for Women […]
  • by Global Issues
    UNITED NATIONS, Jul 10 (IPS) – Among the many compelling points made by Dr. Anthony Fauci in our "Rethinking Health" webinar this week was the absolute essentiality of global collaboration and transparency to contain the pandemic with which we are faced.Read the full story, “COVID-19 & Why We Care”, on →