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  • by Jeremy R. Hammond
    The World Health Organization (WHO) is sponsoring a malaria vaccine study in African children without obtaining informed consent from parents. The post WHO Experimenting on African Children without Informed Consent appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Ramzy Baroud
    Israelis now find themselves at the cusp of a new era defined by the breakdown of the country’s legal system, political crisis and social instability. The post Beyond Israeli Elections: Israel at the Cusp of a Bleak Era appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Ramzy Baroud
    The real danger in the ‘Deal of the Century’ is that the Palestinian Authority will find a way to co-exist with it at the expense of the Palestinian people. The post ‘The Donald Trump I know’: Abbas’s UN Speech and the Breakdown of Palestinian Politics appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Ramzy Baroud
    There is little hope that the pro-PA camp, as exemplified in the current political structure, can truly defeat the ‘Deal of the Century’. The post Breaking with Washington: Arabs and Muslims Must Take a Stance for Palestine appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Dan Steinbock
    In the coming days, new confirmed cases of the virus outbreak will continue to rise. Nevertheless, there may be some possible signs of steadying in China. The post Toward Virus Crossroads? appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.

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  • by Richard Basas
    With the necessity of applying emergence powers to governments in this and other times or economic, political or heath crises, there needs to still be a culture where the governments are consistently held to account for their use of powers and their actions in relation to the operation of a healthy democracy. No one in […]
  • by FPA Administrator
    Due to social distancing policies required to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Foreign Policy Association has made the digital edition of the Great Decisions television series available for participants to stream in their homes. Bellow, please find links to some of our content. Please share and enjoy!   The post Great Decisions At Home […]
  • by FPA Administrator The post Foreign Affairs Quiz appeared first on Foreign Policy Blogs.
  • by Rachel Avraham
    In the wake of Modi’s upcoming visit to Bangladesh, Tithy Sarkar, a student leader in the World Hindu Struggle Committee at Jagannath University, faced death threats.   According to the World Hindu Struggle Committee, “Islamist rioters have been protesting Narendra Modi’s visit in Bangladesh on March 17.  They do not want to see Modi in Bangladesh.” […]
  • by Richard Basas
    Fears of economic collapse following the re-election of a pro-Brexit government in the United Kingdom followed many years of Post-Brexit economic predictions that were tested when the British left the European Union in early 2020. While the United Kingdom fared quite well on its own economically before becoming part of the greater European project, the […]