Foreign Policy Association

  • by Richard Basas
      The border crisis between Poland and Belarus is more complex than a dispute between two sovereign nations. The extension of the EU border into the former Warsaw Pack area and towards the former border of the Soviet Union was always a source of tension as Poland was seen as a barrier to large armies […]
  • by Jim Quirk
    Haiti has a long history of natural, political, and human catastrophes. What do Haitians do now? A State Department warning to Americans to avoid travel to Haiti follows the kidnapping of 17 foreign aid workers and family members in a long line of tragic stories from Haiti in 2021. Beginning decades ago but accelerating this […]
  • by FPA Administrator
    When Congress makes a mistake in determining important economic policy like setting the tax rate or implementing a new trade policy, the results can be pretty awful. Unexpected inflation might take place, jobs might be lost, and personal savings might crumble. In the most severe cases, these disruptions might result in economic recession, or worse, […]
  • by Richard Basas
      The Economist recently published an article on the overarching power of the European Council, a government body of the European Union that was designed to facilitate the discussion and application of policies throughout the EU. The problem that has always persisted in the European Union is how you can get consensus between so many […]
  • by FPA Administrator
      Enes Kanter has reemerged on the political stage. The eleven year NBA veteran made waves after wearing a pair of speakers expressing support for Tibetan independence. The game between Kanter’s Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks was being broadcast around the world, until the feed was abruptly cut off for Chinese consumers by […]

Ethics & International Affairs

  • by Fernando Saldivar
    On June 5, 2021, the G7 finance ministers reached a landmark agreement to restructure the global system of corporate taxation. While this has been widely hailed as a breakthrough toward a more equitable way of taxing the digital economy and a triumph of multilateralism in the first year of the post-Trump era, the truth is […]
  • by The Editors
    Ethics & International Affairs, the journal of the Carnegie Council, seeks a remote volunteer intern for the spring semester. The post EIA Spring 2022 Remote Editorial Internship appeared first on Ethics & International Affairs.
  • by Anushka Bose
    This week marks the thirty-second anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The occasion is a moment to reflect on the human cost endured as a result of the wall, both in its existence and the efforts to resist it. Revisiting the historical memory of the wall’s effects on Berliners is not only useful […]
  • by Ezekiel J. Emanuel, et al.
    What are the ethical limits to vaccine nationalism? In this article, Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel and coauthors propose the fair priority for residents (FPR) framework, in which governments can retain COVID-19 vaccine doses for their residents only to the extent that they are needed to maintain a noncrisis level of mortality while they are implementing […]
  • by The Editors
    The editors of Ethics & International Affairs are pleased to present the Fall 2021 issue of the journal! The issue looks at the true cost of maintaining a standing military, ethical AI and gender equality, the reduced legal equality of combatants in war, the global politics of health security, and much more. Access the table of […]