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  • by Ghulam Farooq Mujaddidi
    The Taliban must alter their zero-sum mentality and seriously commit to bringing peace to Afghanistan before it is too late. The post Why Do Taliban Continue to Kill If They Are Serious about Peace? appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by George Ajjan
    Lebanon must end its lockdown or face economic, fiscal, and monetary disasters that pose an even greater threat to the country than COVID-19. The post Lebanon’s Dubious Second Wave and the Need to End Lockdown appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Emilio Iasiello
    Blaming cyber attacks on governments has become routine, but has it resulted in accountability, punishment, or reduction in hostile cyber activities? The post What Has Publicly Blaming Cyber Attacks on Governments Solved? appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Ben Acheson
    The current political crisis in Afghanistan is actually an important step towards a realistic peaceful solution: a political “unsettlement”. The post Afghan Peace is Now About the Art of the Possible, Not the Perfect appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Jeremy R. Hammond
    Inherently overestimated COVID-19 fatality rates have created mass fear and panic, manufacturing consent for extreme and harmful authoritarian policies. The post COVID-19: What You Need to Know about Fatality Rates appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.

Foreign Policy Association

  • by Andreas Umland
    The history and politics of post-Soviet Belarus and Ukraine are very different. The current Belarusian transformation could be leading to results similar to those of the 2018 Velvet Revolution in Armenia, rather than to those of the 2013–2014 Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. Yet, Moscow’s pathological imperialism towards Russia’s Eastern Slavic “brother nations” may mean […]
  • by Richard Basas
    The effects of Covid will likely been seen in the economic collapse of many businesses in the autumn. While most societies have organised themselves to some degree to handle any future waves of the virus, the commercial effect will likely start to show signs of a deteriorating economy over the fall and winter months. Smaller […]
  • by Mark (Won Min) Seo
    “Korean Dream” stories of first-generation Vietnamese policewomen reveal that South Korea is indeed a mature democracy that cherishes multiculturalism and aims to protect the most vulnerable ethnic minorities. In South Korea, multiculturalism is not merely a symbolic recognition of the resource-abundant and high-status middle class immigrants’ bourgeois glory. Its “true guardians” defend it by realistically […]
  • by Abukar Arman
      In recent weeks the confluence of many issues and events of different shades and dangers made Somalia’s political situation more complicated. This being the last year of the current administration, challenges of that nature are not entirely new, but the intensity and volatility of these developments are. However, this piece is not an attempt […]
  • by Mark (Won Min) Seo
    ASEAN(Association of Southeast Asian Nations)’s long-term susceptibility to the multidimensional Thucydides Trap between Washington and Beijing has turned the region into a theater of (soft power) competition between the two superpowers. Reflecting the many-faceted volatility of the region’s geostrategic landscape, the fundamentals of the U.S.’ strategic approach to ASEAN should gravitate more towards cultural initiatives […]

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  • by IIEA
    Issue 94 of the Brexit Brief notes the current state of play in the negotiations on the future relationship between the EU and the UK.  The post Brexit Brief 94 appeared first on IIEA.
  • by IIEA
    This blog seeks to evaluate the progress of EU strategic autonomy in the context of how EU Foreign Ministers addressed recent geopolitical crises at the Gymnich meeting in Berlin. The post Strategic cacophony or strategic autonomy? – Reflections on EU Foreign Policy appeared first on IIEA.
  • by IIEA
    The latest round of EU-UK negotiations took place in London, between Tuesday, 8 September and Thursday, 10 September 2020, and while the two sides noted ‘useful exchanges’, there was limited progress noted on the most difficult issues for the talks. Ultimately, the negotiations themselves were heavily overshadowed by the introduction of the UK Government’s Internal […]
  • by IIEA
    Mr Buchel examines the transformative role that smart grid technologies can have on decentralising, digitalising and decarbonising the European electricity system. The post The Smart Grid Revolution appeared first on IIEA.
  • by IIEA
    Marking President Ursula von der Leyen’s inaugural State of the Union Address, the IIEA and the European Commission Representation in Ireland host a public webinar discussion. The post The State of the European Union 2020 appeared first on IIEA.

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  • by Nikolas Gvosdev
    The Carnegie Council’s U.S. Global Engagement program held a fascinating and provocative discussion with Ali Wyne of the Atlantic Council, looking at the question of the relevance the narrative of great power competition among U.S. voters.  Something that Ali said in that conversation has continued to resonate with me. In discussing great power competition, he […]
  • by Nikolas Gvosdev
    Retailer H&M will stop relying on Chinese garment factories and suppliers located in Xinjiang, over concerns about the use of Uyghers as forced labor. The company will also end relationships with suppliers elsewhere in China that utilize forced labor or inputs from Xinjiang. It is not immediately clear if this will add costs to the […]
  • by Langdon Ogburn
    Since the first use of drones as lethal tools of war, certain pundits, politicians, and ethicists have argued for holding the use of drones to a different moral standard than conventional weapons. The post Drones and War: The Impact of Advancement in Military Technology on Just War Theory and the International Law of Armed Conflict […]
  • by Nikolas Gvosdev
    One of the emerging narratives about U.S. foreign policy is the use of climate change as the central organizing principle. Based on the assessment that environmental security engenders national security, this approach prioritizes efforts to project influence through solving or mitigating environmental problems–to make the U.S. safer from climate-enhanced threats, to build up a new […]
  • by Nikolas Gvosdev
    One of the assumptions that Bill Gates, among others, made as the coronavirus pandemic burst onto the world this past spring was that the disease would force cooperation among nations, even among rivals and competitors. However, covid-19 arrived during a particular point of stress in global affairs–a situation that Damjan Krnjevic and I described under […]

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  • by Global Issues
    PARIS, Sep 28 (IPS) – Chéri Samba has a sly sense of humour, both in person and in his work. Standing in front of his 2018 painting "J'aime le jeu de relais" (I Love the Relays) – which criticizes politicians who cling to power instead of passing the baton – Samba is asked about the […]
  • by Global Issues
    ADDIS ABABA, Sep 28 (IPS) – Dr. Lawrence Haddad is the Executive Director, GAIN and H.E. Ambassador Josefa Leonel Correia Sacko is Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture of the African Union CommissionOne of the biggest revelations of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that people with pre-existing, diet-related conditions such as obesity, heart disease, and […]
  • by Global Issues
    UNITED NATIONS, Sep 28 (IPS) – Racism "keeps the global north oblivious to the effect of fast fashion addiction on the global south" say environmental and gender justice experts.Read the full story, “Q&A: How Fast Fashion Sits at the Crucial Intersection of Environmental & Gender Justice”, on →
  • by Global Issues
    NEW YORK, Sep 28 (IPS) – Romana Hoque had it all, a comfortable life, a happy family. Despite this, the 43-year-old second-generation immigrant from Indonesia living in the United States was depressed enough to contemplate suicide.Read the full story, “Judgment Free Online Platform Key to Helping Suicidal People, Says Survivor”, on →
  • by Global Issues
    NEW YORK, Sep 28 (IPS) – On 29 September, the world's heads of state will come together (virtually) at an extraordinary meeting to discuss financing for development during the 75th UN general assembly. This will be crucial in the battle to address the Coronavirus crisis.Read the full story, “No More Excuses – Time for Global […]