Seems like every year we hear a new and unbelievable account of U.S. intervention in some country probably 70% of the people have never heard of or have no idea where it is located. The same story is played out again and again with practically the same outcome over and over. Take Nicaragua for example. Here was a country deep in the agricultural scene with a relatively peaceful people, not very educated with respect to the more developed nations and one could say the same of the technological advancements.

Come in William Walker. Who recruits 180 trained ex military men coming off recent wars, takes a boat and marches to Rivas, Nicaragua and essentially deposes the government and anoints himself president. 1850’s was a different time and one could say the political mechanics were different and more violent, but it seems not too long ago i heard something about Putin and Ukraine that sounded a lot similar. Walker would be later executed by a Central American Coalition in Honduras. With all of the turmoil occurring during this time period and the U.S. in essence building up for the what would become the Civil War I cannot imagine William Walker would of acted sanctioned but the government, but then again how many other times did the government act in covert missions and swear innocence later to find the true extent of the involvement.

Fast forward now and the Banana King Sam Zemurray is in full swing toppling governments and taking over the Central America. The Honduran government was essentially thrown out because they wanted to raise the tax on certain good being exported to the U.S.A. and this would of cut out millions from the bottom line. So what did old Sam do? Well change the government of course. Before long the local population who once admired United Fruit for the jobs and infrastructure that it brought, grew to despise and resent the utter exploitation of their land and country.  Here was a man who had helped shape the future of world politics by helping to vote the creation of the Israelite State as one example, but pestilence, revolt, social back lash and other factors led to the total demise of this great monopoly.

Move on to Chile and Nicaragua. Here you have two socialist led quasi communistic popular parties that are in power and gaining power. The country is in political uncertainty. The U.S. under the covert operation arm known as the C.I.A. comes in start funding with money and weapons the opposing party. The opposing parties leadership comes in and consolidates  power leading to decades of corruption and poor economic development throwing the country back years from any progress. Pinochet and the Sandinista’s should thank Uncle Sam and all their support. They wouldn’t of been able to take control with it.

Current times it seems that we are still hearing about Iraq and Afghanistan and the failed states that have developed in the last decades. One should see photos of Afghanistan in the 50’s. There are some truly beautiful places and modern buildings for the time that unfortunately now are no more than rubble.

When the United States takes the initiative to imposing certain measure of control without the majority of the population being included, then the same outcome is inevitable. We must win the peoples hearts and minds with kindness and respect, not bullets and restraints.  This is quite a conundrum since of course we will always use the argument of “national security”. To a degree this is very viable since I sure as heck do NOT want North Korea with any sort of armament nuclear or otherwise. Again we have the same situation we cannot just go there and start imposing all these sanction especially when there is no support for these said sanctions. In the case of North Korea and to a degree China before during the reign of Mao, the dominance of one political party and really one man is to many people in the western hemisphere almost absurd and preposterous. How can one person consolidate so much power? Take Nazi Germany, how could the population let its government fall so much and so quickly. If we as citizens truly care for the future of this country we must demand that this country act in the best interest of all peoples and citizens of the world. We must hold our government accountable for all its actions and whether good or bad. We must make sure that our own government officials are acting in the manner deemed worthy of a U.S. representative before we turn our eye outward. The interest of big business must not always prevail when it comes to U.S. action, but the interest of humanity.