Do we ever really experience liberty anymore? We say we walk around free and unhinged from the burdens of oppression, but is that really true? Can we tell when we are in the midst of it and when it comes and slaps us in the face?

The truth is that oppression comes in all forms of faces. Some people are oppressed by the crushing debt they have dug themselves into whether voluntarily or not, and some people are oppressed by the ruling dictator in their country owing all sorts of taxable income and the fear of being ostracized and maybe even condemned by not following the parties agenda.  The real tragedy is that both of those could lead to that person spending time in jail or homeless which could turn people to a life of crime. I could fall behind in my debt and continue to be fined and jailed for not paying a debt that was incurred lets say by a sick relative. Seems to me that this would be a better use of my tax dollars than gifting Iran millions of dollars to do quasi regulated and corrupt activities that we as a country will never truly be able to monitor in complete confidence. I digress.

Oppression is defined as the prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control. As a race and as a country, progress has been paramount and one could almost say exponential. Medical and technological advances have really come around in a big way. It seems now however that the borders and mediums keep changing. The internet and the ever growing facility in which we can communicate and cross to different countries and cultures has opened up new and unexplored areas that must be critically handled.

As a society here in the United States do we really feel free?I am free to walk to the store and buy milk. I am free to also go and jump of a cliff, but we live in world that has consequences since it is not only myself that is allowed this same “liberty” but all fellow man, well at least all fellow U.S. citizens. Segregation will always be a true hindrance to Liberty. The more we think ourselves as different and want to stand apart the more we will sacrifice our liberties to maintain this notion. The more we turn this coin on its head and embrace out humanity and fellow man the more we will discredit and rip power from the people that want to bring extremists beliefs and notions of destruction at the cost of human lives. This is something that can never stand and it is up to us as a human race to believe this and live by this. All life is sacred. There will always be reasons for doing wrong and compromising. There will always be evil in the world and men that want to watch it burn due to their own selfish gains and greedy agenda. By standing together we will free ourselves and this is when true liberty will be achieved.

Fear must never be a weapon that we bow down to!