The advent of technology and advanced writing and reading has brought about a wonderful and sometimes demanding age were everything and everyone can be recorder. This allows for truth, in essence, to prevail over propagandists attempts made by sates or controlling factions. One is more likely to believe a video posted on twitter over a bystander who was actually there than some main stream media outlet, and such are the times that these same media outlets have resorted to using these same mediums in order to add validity to the “story”. Marvelous times indeed.

This has exploded really with the invention of the camera and more by cell phones and the connectivity of the internet. We stared seeing some images in the 1800’s and one could picture life and people back there with styles and clothes that weren’t taken from some portrait commissioned by a nobleman or rich land owner. Before this, the only real means of truly seeing history was the pictures and portraits left and preserved through out history. This was further convoluted by war. To the victor goes the spoils, and another sometimes disregarded notion is that to the victor also goes the historical accuracy of the event.

Modern archaeological advances and proper carbon dating has allowed the scientific community to try and recreate and truly understand many of the events and occurrences throughout history. By studying artifacts and monuments and old scripts there can be many educated assumptions and behavioral characteristics of people that lived in those times.


Take Pompeii and the wealth of information that we were able to accumulate from this single site. This revolutionized the way we thought about ancient Rome.


As a people of the Human Race we must make every effort to preserve and study our past. Only when we learn from our past and the mistakes made do we truly make the most informed decisions for the future. Take Syria and Iraq as a prime example. These places historically have played monumental roles since the dawn of man and the plethora of archaeological artifacts and monuments of all types that is yet to be discovered must be outstanding. It is sad to think of all these extremists groups that perform self mutilation their own identity and heritage. No concern for how the world will remember them or their culture but only thinking of how at the present they see fit to cause the most harm to humanity.

Maybe they figure that by destroying these sites the global community will lose interest. It is difficult to understand and accept motives of this magnitude. The question then arises if we as a Human Race have a right to protect our own heritage or if a specific people can petition for help for this to be protected. Organizations could be put in charge of extraction and preservation under the protection of the United Nations for example. THE crux of this whole situations boils down to the loss of life.

Is as this worth fighting for and losing human life either defending or attacking? I am sure there are people on both sides of this culture clash that would be quick to answer. The one thing that I believe we should all agree is respect  for history. The dark ages set us back as a human race hundreds of years and we were forced to relearn many technological advancements the Roman for example had already mastered. Let us not repeat history and prevent the destruction of our heritage.