Fraud and Stuff

Some commentary on the many aspects of irregularities reported and for the most part ignored.

We can’t sidestep the unconstitutional changes made to voting laws that SCOTUS would have surely invalidated. It is also quite clear that without this pandemic Biden did not stand a chance, nor any Democrat for that matter.

Nancy Pelosi 
Our election was hijacked. There is no 
question. Congress has a duty to 
11:44 AM • May 16, 2017 • Buffer 
What has changed since her statement? not a peep from the DNC on any of this.
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Where are the Fathers?

Pandemic, protests, riots, and needless death have dominated human historical landscape for millenia. Questions of police effectiveness and actions of brutality have led conversational quips spurring intense arguments among communities and families for some time now. As our leadership continues to be a focal point, the sources of crime and effective means of countering seem to be dissonant. Arguments fester with accusations of importance and correctness failing to address meaningful tangibles.

The country has heard the voices of many advocates, some violent and others more peaceful. The media has responded with divisive narrative further marking their bias. Our nation shamelessly turned its cameras and fueled the flames of anger for so many Americans already compounded with question of survival as a result of lockdowns. To mention the rest of the world’s suffering is beyond this scope. Extreme comes immediately to mind.

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Lets start by defining the term correctly:

Gerrymandering, in U.S. politics, the practice of drawing the boundaries of electoral districts in a way that gives one political party an unfair advantage over its rivals (political or partisan gerrymandering) or that dilutes the voting power of members of ethnic or linguistic minority groups (racial gerrymandering). The term is derived from the name of Gov. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, whose administration enacted a law in 1812 defining new state senatorial districts.

The effects are pretty clear in our country. Here you will be able to see how resizing and redrawing could change and swing the voting criteria in any district. Now this website is heavy on statistical analysis and has some pretty fancy algorithms, but if you spend enough time you may be able to understand the effects it has on the political spectrum and make some assumptions based on those famous “swing” that occur.

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Rise of the Reality Star

I started this post with an important definition you will find below due to the concern I have over where our society:

Depersonalization  disorder or depersonalization can consist of a reality or detachment within the self, regarding one’s mind or body, or being a detached observer of oneself. Subjects feel they have changed and that the world has become vague, dreamlike, less real, or lacking in significance. It can be a disturbing experience.

That’s right depersonalization is a real thing and it speaks a lot about the people that we currently find popular as a society where our mentality is. It brings up many concerns that as a society we find self conceited and narcissistic people interesting. Maybe they act a certain way that secretly we wish could act like, or are able to get away with certain things that we wish we could get away with.

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Futility of the Little Man.

Futility is something that is often associated and defined as utter pointlessness in a pursued endeavor. The last couple of months have been quite tumultuous and its seems now, that as more time passes there is greater disconnect with the leadership and policy making. I believe most of us have very busy lives and have many things going on that occupy our time, money and patience. Managing careers, family and a myriad of other things particular to each and every one of us.

Time is the greatest commodity and luxury that we as carbon based beings can offer and have in this life. What we chose to the with that commodity defines us. There are many of us that make an attempt to stay informed and updated on all sorts of current affairs, but the information out there sometimes seems daunting and the sources questionable at times.

I constantly find myself asking who is looking out for the little man in this big political arena? Do the policy makers truly have the interest of the common man at heart and at principle?

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