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President of the Masses

I have always wondered how much really every presidential candidate is in agreement with their respective parties outlook and policies?

Running for presidency now a days requires vast amounts of money to be spent on advertising, polls, touring, catering and really anything that goes into moving hundreds of people around the country to follow a particular candidate. Seems like a game for the rich and well connected. Are they supposed to be more qualified due to their credential and global economic exposure and knowledge. The reasoning is that they accumulated their wealth by doing something right so they probably know a thing or two about this country and how to run it. There is some power in the president as the head of the executive branch, but the real power comes in the symbolic this particular office represents. The example that this person must set must be not only for the people but for the whole world.

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Failed Coups

Seems like every year we hear a new and unbelievable account of U.S. intervention in some country probably 70% of the people have never heard of or have no idea where it is located. The same story is played out again and again with practically the same outcome over and over. Take Nicaragua for example. Here was a country deep in the agricultural scene with a relatively peaceful people, not very educated with respect to the more developed nations and one could say the same of the technological advancements.

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Experience Liberty

Do we ever really experience liberty anymore? We say we walk around free and unhinged from the burdens of oppression, but is that really true? Can we tell when we are in the midst of it and when it comes and slaps us in the face?

The truth is that oppression comes in all forms of faces. Some people are oppressed by the crushing debt they have dug themselves into whether voluntarily or not, and some people are oppressed by the ruling dictator in their country owing all sorts of taxable income and the fear of being ostracized and maybe even condemned by not following the parties agenda.  The real tragedy is that both of those could lead to that person spending time in jail or homeless which could turn people to a life of crime. I could fall behind in my debt and continue to be fined and jailed for not paying a debt that was incurred lets say by a sick relative. Seems to me that this would be a better use of my tax dollars than gifting Iran millions of dollars to do quasi regulated and corrupt activities that we as a country will never truly be able to monitor in complete confidence. I digress.

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noun: liberty
  1. 1.
    the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.
    “compulsory retirement would interfere with individual liberty”
    antonyms: tyranny
  2. 2.
    the power or scope to act as one pleases.
    “individuals should enjoy the liberty to pursue their own interests and preferences”
    synonyms: freedom, independence, free rein, license, self-determination, free will, latitude

    “personal liberty”
    antonyms: constraint, slavery
      a person’s freedom from control by fate or necessity.
    • informal
      a presumptuous remark or action.
      “how did he know what she was thinking?—it was a liberty!”
      shore leave granted to a sailor.
late Middle English: from Old French liberte, from Latin libertas, from liber ‘free.’

True Help

There are many things that I admire about this great country. The people, security, way of life, excellence and sense humor. There are evil persons and some that leave us questioning our true faith in humanity with their ridiculous antics but overall it is relatively a good nation. In this goodness lies a great virtue.

The virtue of giving and sharing this great dream that is America with the world. We as a nation want every one to share with and experience this. Unfortunately we forget that seem people just don’t want to hear it or have anything to do with it. Like in real life we cant force someone to share our vision or experience something they are not convinced of themselves. They must believe it and be convinced. Think of an addict and you tell them there is a better life and there is something greater than the drug induced reality they chase. They are so wrapped up in that world that it is hard to really understand what could like for them on the other side. Maybe they grew up this was and have seen this normality all their life or even god forbid were born already addicted due to other circumstances.

As a result we must be careful in the people and in a macro sense the nations that we help and make sure we are not enablers and facilitators of greater evil and mischievous activities in the world. Sometimes this aid and rally most often than not comes out as monetary aide and we all know the ease in which this type of aid can be abused. Even more so than food and equipment, money can be converted and used in any fashion and for any means.

The saying “teach a man to fish” really pops up. Empowering the populace is the real key, but an even more important factor is that the population must be willing and able to be empowered. Throwing money or aid at someone or some nation is really only propagating the problems. Again referring back to the addict analogy, continuing to enable keeps that person from hitting rock bottom and finding their true self in the process. Only there can life decision be made to either change or continue on the path of self destruction. I also understand that as a free sovereign nation it is difficult to let oppression just “happen”. Like a women who is abused by her husband and yet refuses to leave them. its difficult to understand their motives and reasoning but we can all be sure she has them.

The majority of people like this that live in abusive and torn environments have no where else to go or feel that they would be better off if they left to begin with. It is quite a difficult problem to solve but one that must be handled with care and compassion instead of force and aggressive tactics. There are way too many people that really put on this front to obtain aid. Two faced, conniving and manipulative are only some of the words used to describe them. We are too often lead astray and too quick to give out aid.

“You notice a speck in your brothers eye, but neglect the stick coming out of yours”. We have enough problems at home and withing our borders and immediate vicinity to be wasteful and ignorant. National security is highly important that that must always be a priority in maintaining safety, but there is a fine line between protecting and propagating. I hope that we are more in the business of protecting and concerned more about the welfare and health of these people and nations that we “aid” and not just in it for self interest.

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