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  • by Paul Craig Roberts
    It's not a trade deal but a means for Trump to back off his tariffs after realizing they harm US consumers instead of China. The post Remarks on the US-China “Trade Deal” appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Ramzy Baroud
    There is no military logic in the world that could rationally justify the barring of medical access to an isolated community, as Israel has done. The post Sealed Off and Forgotten: What You Should Know about Israel’s ‘Firing Zones’ in the West Bank appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by David Swanson
    The immediate opportunity for decolonization in 2020, of course, is joining Iraq in demanding that the US close its bases in Iraq. The post Why We Need Decolonization in 2020 appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by David Swanson
    Every presidential candidate ought to produce a basic outline of a federal discretionary budget to give taxpayers some idea of how they intend to spend. The post Why Is Trump the Only Candidate with a Budget Proposal? appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by John Avery
    The US assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani is the latest in a long history of attacks against Iran and could escalate into war. The post Attacks on Iran, Past and Present: The Assassination of General Qasem Soleimani appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.

Foreign Policy Association

  • by Rami Dabbas
    Iranian leaders have long boasted that they have taken control of four Arab capitals — Baghdad, Syria, Beirut, and Yemen — simultaneously threatening Israel’s security. Beirut recently began to rise up in mass popular protests against the “regime” and “corruption.” It is no secret to anyone that the “regime” in Lebanon is now fully controlled […]
  • by Rachel Avraham
    Al Jazeera recently reported that a group of Bangladeshi demonstrators are protesting against the recent rape of a student at Dhaka University, one of the most prominent schools within the South Asian country.   According to the report, the demonstrators are demanding justice, something which does not happen enough within the country due to the country’s […]
  • by FPA Administrator
    The post Foreign Policy Quiz appeared first on Foreign Policy Blogs.
  • by Kareem Sakka
    My earliest memories of Israel go back to the October 1973 war, a child, I already “knew” Israel is an invader in what was a sleepy part of planet earth. Despite radio and tv stations everywhere claiming Arab victories,  even then I knew this was fake news, kids know liars from their intonation. It’s hard […]
  • by Jim Quirk
    Seamless border at risk:  on the left, County Armagh, NI, UK; on the right, County Louth, Republic of Ireland (Google Maps) The timing of elections in Ireland could be decided in early January The leaders of Ireland’s main political parties, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, will meet in early January to decide the date of […]