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  • by Ramzy Baroud
    The real danger in the ‘Deal of the Century’ is that the Palestinian Authority will find a way to co-exist with it at the expense of the Palestinian people. The post ‘The Donald Trump I know’: Abbas’s UN Speech and the Breakdown of Palestinian Politics appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Ramzy Baroud
    There is little hope that the pro-PA camp, as exemplified in the current political structure, can truly defeat the ‘Deal of the Century’. The post Breaking with Washington: Arabs and Muslims Must Take a Stance for Palestine appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Dan Steinbock
    In the coming days, new confirmed cases of the virus outbreak will continue to rise. Nevertheless, there may be some possible signs of steadying in China. The post Toward Virus Crossroads? appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Chen Lu
    Both China and Japan are likely to enhance their physical presence in the East China Sea as each attempts to assert effective control over disputed waters. The post China’s Evolving Policy toward Japan in the East China Sea: What’s the Next Move? appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.
  • by Jeremy R. Hammond
    Facebook is using its “Fact Check” feature to censor truthful reporting while itself hypocritically propagating misinformation about vaccines. The post Fact Check: WHO Scientist Caught Lying to Public about Vaccine Safety appeared first on Foreign Policy Journal.

Foreign Policy Association

  • by Rachel Avraham
    As we speak, the Hindus of Bangladesh are slowly being ethnically cleansed from the country.  Their holy sites are being burned and desecrated.   Their people are being murdered.  Their women and girls are getting raped.  And developments on the ground indicate that with the time, the situation is becoming graver, not better. This month, Muslim […]
  • by Richard Basas
    A great loss to Syrian and Iraqi culture came from the intentional destruction of many ancient sites and artifacts of those people that came before the modern era, practiced ancient religions and spoke languages that may never be spoken again. With the disappearance of those heritage sites comes new ways of discovering the ethnic and […]
  • by Marta Oliynyk-Domochko
    Two important international events for Africa took place over the last 10 days of January 2020: the World Economic Forum in Davos and the UK- Africa Invest Summit. The first event stuck in memory only by Patrice Motsepe’s ‘Africa loves Trump’ comment. But the London summit gave fruitful results for both parties. Direct results of […]
  • by FPA Administrator The post Foreign Affairs Quiz appeared first on Foreign Policy Blogs.
  • by Richard Basas
    At this point the world knows that Iran’s Air Defense shot down a Boeing 737 800 filled with its own citizens, many Canadian citizens, the Ukrainian crew and nationals from a few other countries shortly after launching a ballistic missile attack on Iraq. Evidence shows that two missiles were fired at the plane. This was […]