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Prison’s in America.

For some time I have wanted to include some information and insight into the prison system here in the United States. As we move forward as a nation and look at the future and take into consideration the aging and coming  generations there are many concerns and questions that come to mind.

Is the race disparity in the prison system a symptom of a much more ingrained and debilitating sickness plaguing our nation ?

Why do we insist in keeping all the convicted in confined places and doing nothing for society, infrastructure or their own general well being?

Is the private ownership of prison’s the best alternative?



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Global Warming

This topic of Global Warming has been put on the back seat now for some time. The current interest  from the media  continues to be the dramatic developments in the presidential race. I for one are more concerned about what the future of the country will bring and hoe we will handle this, not just the theatrical antics of getting elected.  Mr. DiCaprio is correct in asserting that to negate the effects we are having on the earth and to argue against them is going against significant empirical data and evidence.



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Syria and the Greater Question

There are many complex and differentiating opinions and actions that all sorts of very smart and well qualified people will try and propose to “solve” the critical situation in Syria. Ranging from total U.S. invasion to complete departure from any sort of intervention.

Both options seem excessive and both options will undoubtedly cause greater loss of life. unfortunately it almost boils down to which is the lesser of two evils. Do we let a country destroy itself? Or do we as a capable sovereign nation intervene?


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The Pharmecutical Drug War

The technological advancements in the last 100 years far outpace and outmatch the advancement of the last 10,000. This is a fact. We now have ways to treat all sorts of disease from hepatitis C to easing the suffering of AIDS patients. The great news is that this is only getting better as we move more and more into the future. Greater advancements will mean more treatable diseases and longer lives and hopefully less suffering from humanity. The real problems will come with food and water shortages reach a real critical level, but that is a conversation for another post.

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President of the Masses

I have always wondered how much really every presidential candidate is in agreement with their respective parties outlook and policies?

Running for presidency now a days requires vast amounts of money to be spent on advertising, polls, touring, catering and really anything that goes into moving hundreds of people around the country to follow a particular candidate. Seems like a game for the rich and well connected. Are they supposed to be more qualified due to their credential and global economic exposure and knowledge. The reasoning is that they accumulated their wealth by doing something right so they probably know a thing or two about this country and how to run it. There is some power in the president as the head of the executive branch, but the real power comes in the symbolic this particular office represents. The example that this person must set must be not only for the people but for the whole world.

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